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Providing a common sense solution for protecting our children,schools and our neighborhoods with proactive thinking. 

Our Mission


Protect our Children and Schools

Our plan is to use experienced and trained individuals to protect our schools. Retired Law Enforcement and Military are the ideal candidate for school protection. No uniforms. No outward security appearance. Just another 'volunteer' on campus ready to spring into action when needed as well as serve as an on campus mentor.  The eyes and ears of the school. 


Trained, Certified and Ready

Our "GranCops" already have the training and experience needed to protect our school. These protectors pass not only a vigorous background check but are also trained in the latest mass shooting response techniques. They are a deterrent as well as a line of defense for our children in the event of a shooting. 


Our Philosophy

Only together as parents and a community can we can work to make sure our children and schools safer. When working as a team ANYTHING is possible. A solution is our goal. 

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